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Hey I'm Eryn!

I love creating joyful moments and memorable experiences. That natural feeling when things “just flow “ is really what I try to live by every day. Those connections you make with new friends, the simple and big moments, continuously learning and growing. Feeling grateful for everything beautiful around us. Just a small town girl who moved to a big city (New York and LA), and then another big city (Toronto) and back to a small town again living my dream every day. So how did I get into bridal makeup and hair? Well, in a nutshell, I met Britney Spears (yes the Britney) and really liked the lipgloss she was wearing so I asked her what was on her lips. Fast forward about 10 years and that led me to leave art school to pursue a makeup career starting with M.A.C cosmetics, making custom hair extensions for bridal clients and then to owning my own bridal hair and makeup business. So here we are, I’m excited to share my inspiration and passion with you and hearing all about your stories! 


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