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What our journey will look like together and what to expect from the time you book to the day of the wedding.



Once you have read our services and pricing menu and are ready to book, please send us;

Date of wedding:

Time to be ready by:

Location we will come to:

Total services required (hair and/or makeup)

**Please note we do require the exact services for booking in with our team. We need to reserve artists in advance. . 

Reserving your artist 

Once you have signed the contract we get to work for you.  We book your artist or team by reserving them for the time frame you will need them that day. Our average "getting ready" time is 4.5 hrs for bridal parties.   


Booking a trial

If you would like to have a trial, we suggest booking this leading up to the wedding day. You also do not "need" to have a trial, this is up to you!

Trials are booked Monday to Thursday (we are typically booked on weekends with weddings) 

If you have an event you would like to book hair and makeup for (bridal shower etc) we suggest booking this separately as your trial will be how your hair and makeup will look for your wedding day.

If you want your hair and makeup to look the same for both occasions, no problem! Please be mindful of our weekend bookings as we offer these days to our brides who are getting married, We have limited availability these days. We will do our best to accommodate you. We would love to see your vision for your big day! Create a mood board or send us some photos of what you are hoping to achieve during the trial. 

Schedule for wedding

Shortly after booking, we will create a day of schedule for you. This is created based on your "need to be ready by" time. We will work backwards from there. Each service requires approx 45min. Leading up to the wedding, we will send you a confirmation email  confirming all of your final details, with your schedule and a prep sheet you can share with your bridal party. We want you to be totally relaxed knowing everything is organized and on schedule the day of the wedding. 

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