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More and more we are seeing brides who are looking to show their natural beauty for their wedding day.

Natural Glow

Keeping your skin natural and glowing with minimal product will help keep your makeup looking fresh all day for your wedding and also for photographs. The one misconception that clients have is that they have to wear a lot of foundation for photos, this is simply not the case. Less is really more and foundation has come a long way, so have cameras so capturing you at your best is really very simple. Only apply foundation and concealer where needed to achieve an overall flawless finish. With less product to sweat or cry off during the reception or dancing, your makeup will look flawless from morning to night!

So what products are best to use to keep it natural? There is a lot of skin prep and layering working with various product and brush application techniques. Liquid foundation strategically placed only where needed is key and this will help keep the skin feeling fresh and light weight (for all you non-makeup wearers, we got you!)

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