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This has to be one of the most asked questions from our brides, how do I prep my hair or when do I wash my hair before the big day? The easy answer to this is the day before. Washing your hair the day before the wedding allows your hair enough time to dry and gives you a full day to build up some texture that will help to keep your style looking perfect all day. We also recommend using a sea salt or texture spray! While your hair is damp, add your sea salt and dry your hair naturally or blow dry. The dry texture of the salt will help to add grip to your hair and help to keep your style for the day. We have a few favourite products we love to use below. I really love the Dae hair 3 part system and would recommend using these deep conditioning products leading up to the wedding and the day before. I also love Ouai wave spray, it smells amazing and adds the perfect

amount of texture. You can even add a quick spray all over the hair once it is dry and give your hair a scrunch for more texture. #bridalhair #ouaihaircare #daehair

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