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One of the most interesting makeup requests this season is the faux freckle trend. I am personally a huge fan and have been creating faux freckles on my face for almost 15 years! There are a few ways to create these beautiful marks on the skin that will last all day.

1- Self tanner: Select a shade that has a ash undertone (the bronzers that look like a brown green at first) The best shade I have found is the Elle Effect bronzer. Use a small amount on a pointed eyeliner brush and start creating freckles where the sun would hit. Wait a few moments for this to dry and develop color. Continue with a few more deeper marks. This will last for a few days so the look is very natural!

2- Liquid brow pen: Brow pens are easy to use because the color is already diluted as to not overfill an eyebrow. Use this pen and add freckles all across the face. Blot with a sponge and then add a few more, this will create dimension of lighter and darker freckles. This technique will last for the day. I recommend the Glossier Brow Flick.

3-Eye brow pencil: Select an ash tone brow pencil and create faux freckles across the face. This is one of the easier and most user friendly techniques. I recommend the M.A.C brow pencils.

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